Yoseiph, the Dreamer

  • NETZARIM RECONSTRUCTION OF THE HEBREW MATIYTAHU, Text Chapter 2:13: When the messengers 1.20.1 who had requested Yehôshua had returned,2.13.0 look… a messenger 1.20.1 of ה' 1.22.1 appeared to Yôseiph in a dream saying, “Having arisen, take the little boy and his mother and flee into Mitzrayim;2.13.1 and stay there until I speak to you.  For Herod the Great 2.1.2 is impending to request 7.7.1 that the little boy be killed.  Having arisen, Yôseiph took the little boy and his mother by night, and retired into Mitzrayim (and remained there until the end of Herod the Great)2.1.2 in order that it would be fulfilled 5.17.3 that which was spoken 2.15.0 by ה' through Hôsheia ha-Nâvi 11.9.1 11:1 saying, “Out of Mitzrayim I called My son.”2.15.1
This passage should ring some bells. Who else do you know whose name is Yoseiph, who is known for his dreams (I counted four instances), and who wound up in Mitzrayim (pop. English: Egypt)? Yoseiph Ben Ya'acov, of course. Coincidence? You're dreaming.—Yosi


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