The World's Double-Standard

Questions that should be asked: The unilateral removal of Jews from Gaza by the Israeli government raises these questions. Why is assumed, by virtually the entire world ("the nations") and apparently by much of Israel itself, that there must be a Palestinian state and that this same state will be for Arabs only and that Jews will neither be welcome nor safe there? At the same time, the Jewish state of Israel already accepts non-Jewish citizens, including Arabs, and has since its inception. Moreover, this same state is expected to allow free access by Palesitinians into its borders for work, for worship, and for pleasure. Will Jews be allowed access to a future Palestinian state for work, for worship (to Jewish shrines), for pleasure? I would propose that no one support the existence of a Palestinian state unless and until Palestinian leaders commit not only to the existence of the state of Israel but can assure Israel that they will extend the same treatment to Jews with a Palestinian state that Israel extends to Arabs within Israel. Support for a Palestinian state absent such conditions seems to me evidence of pig-headed ignorance of the double standard being applied to Israel and the Palestinian entity and, almost certainly, Jew-hatred hiding in an international mask. Email me your comments.