The DaVinci Code: A Jewish Perspective

It's a blockbuster: The only way to finally overcome Christianity, after 2,000 years of consistent failure, is by exposing the anti-Torâh Yësh"u as a counterfeit of the pro-Torâh original: historical Ribi Yәhoshua!

Think about it … the original, historical Ribi Yәhoshua, because he advocated Torâh before Paul's Hellenist apostasy, will lead Christians out of their post-135 C.E. Roman idolatry to Torâh – and the fulfillment of Zәkharyâh 14.16-21 (which is already beginning) and related prophecies.

Surprisingly, a free online book from Jews for Judaism does just that. It's DaVinci Code: A Jewish Perspective by Rabbi Michael Skobac. Except for his use of the common name J*sus to refer to the historical Ribi Yehoshua, the relevant sections might as well have been written by the Netzarim. It's a beaut. You can see the relevant parts by going to the Netzarim website and following the "Jews" link on the home page or you can go to Jews for Judaism website to view and printout the whole book (It's short.) Schueller House.

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